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Visit us every Friday and Saturday for free live music!
From 6pm to 9pm unless listed otherwise

Our busiest days are on the weekend, when we have our doors open and live music on the patio. The best way to end the week is by supporting talented bands and tapping glasses with a new friend.

Nicholas Vernon

Friday, May 26

Monica Kennedy

Friday, June 2

Jon Camp

Saturday, June 3

Clare Means

Friday, June 9th

Part of what makes Clare stand out as a performer is the unconventional path she has taken. Always a hustler, Clare has made a name for herself as one of LA’s most popular, hardest working street performers. She’s built a dedicated following by being one of the very few performers to perform almost exclusively original music. While most depend on covers to stop foot traffic, Clare learned to work on her songwriting craft and challenged herself to capture audiences using her own songs.  Clare’s street performances are musical experiments in which she interacts with the colorful and chaotic scene of the environment.

Travis Marshall Conn

Saturday, June 10th

Maverick Rose

Friday, June 16th

Maverick Rose is a child of the ’80s, growing up in the era of big hair, spandex, and Aqua-Net. While his tastes have matured and expanded beyond that era he still brings the showmanship of arena rock into the modern age. There’s never a dull moment as every performance is focused on maximum entertainment. Many have referred to Maverick as an acoustic DJ as he finds a way to blend many popular songs into unique medleys and mash-ups.

Kerry Long

Saturday, June 17th

Kerry long is a singer, songwriter, and producer from Durham, North Carolina. Covering multiple genres from country to pop, his soothing vocals invite the audience in, and his unique tone curate a well mixed country and R&B sound.   His style continues to evolve as he gains more experience and knowledge within the music industry.

Zach Wynne

Friday, June 23rd

Originally from Franklin County, NC. I’m a singer / songwriter and lead singer for Outlaw 6.

Chris Hooper

Saturday, June 24th

Heather Rogers

Friday, June 30th

Steven Compton

Saturday, March 25

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